Belgian chocolate is a national treasure, a source of pride, and the most significant symbol of the Belgian national character. It is hard to find tourists who don’t pamper themselves with those delicate pralines during their visit to the country and don’t buy Belgian chocolates or chocolate tablets as a souvenir for beloved ones and friends. This „black gold“ is sold in various shapes, sizes, fillings or just casually broken pieces of chocolate.

belgian chocolate for gourmet


Chocolate producers in Belgium make more than 400 thousand tons of chocolate per year. Throughout the country there are about two thousands of small sweet shops and chocolate boutiques. Many chocolatiers observe traditions and produce chocolates by hand. Despite the fact that manufacturing of chocolate in Belgium emerged only in 1985 and slowly developed until the 20s of the 19th century, every city in the country now has its own chocolate brands and choice of chocolates in each store is amazing.

It is not necessary for true gourmets to visit Belgium in order to enjoy original Belgian chocolate. In our offer you will find wide range of delicious pralines. What is remarkable in taste of our chocolates? All best gourmet chocolate manufacturers adhere to production techniques which guarantee perfect balance of taste and smell. Our chocolate is not an exception. It does not have too much bitterness or mawkishness. In order to experience the full range of flavor, you need to slowly savor a piece of chocolates. Then, with each second flavor will intensify and change.


We offer Belgian chocolate for gourmet. The secret of its flavor is amazing technology of processing cocoa beans which are the main component of chocolate. It feels like the most delicate silk. Сhocolate mass should contain no impurities or clogs, only in that case the chocolate which is made of it will have such a marvelous flavor.

Our chocolate from Belgium have a tradition more than 15 years that does not need any long descriptions and praises. It is a symbol of the whole nation emotion, of its sophistication and pedantry. It means that the quality of our chocolate meets the highest international standards. We made sure that our customers have the opportunity to enjoy the best product, which was manufactured according to old recipes. At the same time, we offer chocolate which quality meets the highest international standards.



The peculiarity of chocolate producers in Belgium is that they respect old recipes and keep them alive through generations. But, at the same time, they do not stop experimenting, taking risks, combining and inventing new flavors of chocolates. These chocolates are combined even with beer, hot spices, sugared vegetables and other amazing ingredients.

It is recommended to select a particular kind of chocolate for each specific event in life. In our offer you choose from a wide range of chocolate from Belgium. Maybe you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or your friend, or perhaps you want just to treat yourself… Here you will find what you want.
Belgian chocolate for gourmet is not just sweet, it is a way to experience the magic taste and appreciate the fabulous skill of professional chocolatiers. This Belgian chocolate contains at least 33% of cocoa, there are no preservation agents or colorants in it. It affects the shelf life of chocolate, it is shorter than the cheaper products from the shelves of supermarkets have. True connoisseurs of dark chocolate prefer products with high content of cocoa, which grows in inverse proportion to the sugar content.
Regardless of what kinds of chocolate prefer you and your family, in our offer you will find everything that will please real gourmet!




belgian chocolate